About All Around the News

All Around the News is an experiment in delivering the news. Our goals are to find answers to the following questions.

As the All Around the News team gathers data related to these questions, we’ll publish the results.

Who Are We?

All Around the News was created by the folks at Colagioia Industries, an independent software shop dedicated to asking the uncomfortable questions that need to be asked.

It's rare that we take on consulting jobs, but if you have projects that fit that description and need help, we might be interested in getting involved.

News Sources

Until All Around the News becomes self-sustainable, by being able to cover the costs of server fees and pay fairly for administrative services, we syndicate all articles from outlets that allow public re-use of their work for commercial purposes. In theory, this does mean that someone else could do the same. It also means that readers could visit our sources and ignore us completely.

We’re not afraid of that. In fact, we link to the original version of every article. If we can't provide a pleasant experience, we don’t deserve readers.

Of course, use of the source does not necessarily imply any endorsement of a particular article. If you see something easily debunked or otherwise dangerous, please drop a link to the article and credible, verifiable evidence (that is, some blog or a news source known for spreading disinformation does not count) in the Suggestion Box.

The Future

Once All Around the News becomes self-sustainable, however, our plan is to supply original articles that readers won’t find elsewhere. We have thoughts on what that may look like, but will keep it a surprise for when the time comes.
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