How your emotional response to the COVID-19 pandemic changed your behavior and your sense of time

13 days ago

If the US defaults on debt, expect the dollar to fall – and with it, Americans' standard of living

13 days ago

Sexual abuse survivors are voting on the Boy Scouts bankruptcy settlement: 5 questions answered

13 days ago

If you want to support the health and wellness of kids, stop focusing on their weight

13 days ago

Afghan women have a long history of taking leadership and fighting for their rights

13 days ago

California to require large retailers to have gender-neutral toy sections from 2024

13 days ago

Medal of Honor Monday: Army Cpl. Mitchell Red Cloud Jr. > U.S. Department of Defense > Story

by Katie Lange, 14 days ago

After serving as a Marine during World War II, Army Cpl. Mitchell Red Cloud Jr. re-enlisted as a soldier in the Korean War. He was killed defending his company's position and saving many lives, an act of bravery that earned him the Medal of Honor.Β 

Distribution key as WHO approves first malaria vaccine

by Gilbert Nakweya, 16 days ago

World-first malaria vaccine is broadly welcomed, but questions remain about its eventual rollout.

Summit Highlights DOD's Cybersecurity Initiatives, Challenges > U.S. Department of Defense > Defense Department News

by Terri Moon Cronk, 16 days ago

Seven pillars make up DOD's cybersecurity architecture, DOD's chief information security officer and deputy chief information officer said at the Billington CyberSecurity Summit.

How an Ancient Irrigation Method Makes Sustainable Life Possible in the U.S. Southwest

by Erika Schelby, 16 days ago

This post is originally published on Citizen Truth by Erika Schelby Time-proven acequia irrigation systems already in use in New Mexico make it possible for people to thrive in arid regions. Here in the U.S. Southwest, we are trapped between the extremes of a decades-long megadrought and sudden violent flooding. In New Mexico, the feverish heat started far too early: on June 14, 2021, Albuquerque broke […] Read more at How an Ancient Irrigation Method Makes Sustainable Life Possible in the U.S. Southwest

Nobel Peace Prize for journalists serves as reminder that freedom of the press is under threat from strongmen and social media

16 days ago

DISA Director Says Common Access Card Showing Age > U.S. Department of Defense > Defense Department News

by C. Todd Lopez, 16 days ago

The director of the Defense Information Systems Agency said he thinks it might be time to look for better ways for Defense Department personnel to prove who they are to gate guards, computers and chow hall personnel.

DOD Must Pivot to Counter Climate Change, Official Says > U.S. Department of Defense > Defense Department News

by Jim Garamone, 16 days ago

The Defense Department has to understand what's happening to the climate and how to mitigate or adapt to the effects β€”Β and then be part of the solution, the deputy assistant secretary of defense for environment and energy resilience said.

WHO approved a malaria vaccine for children – a global health expert explains why that is a big deal

16 days ago

Life-support saved fewer COVID patients as 2020 wore on

by Kara Gavin-U. Michigan, 16 days ago

The life-support system ECMO offers sickest COVID patients a chance to survive, but a slimmer one than previously thought, according to new research.

Coral once thought to be one species is actually two

by Charlotte Hsu-Buffalo, 16 days ago

The discovery that what was thought of as one coral species is really two brings up the question: What exactly is a species?

General Says Artificial Intelligence Will Play Important Role in Network Defense > U.S. Department of Defense > Defense Department News

by David Vergun, 16 days ago

Attacks by hostile governments and criminal networks on civilian and Defense Department cyberspace assets are constant threats, and as artificial intelligence grows in cyberspace, it will become a target as well, said the director of the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center.

Indigenous Peoples' Day: Why it's replacing Columbus Day in many places

16 days ago

Biden restores protection for national monuments Trump shrank: 5 essential reads

16 days ago

Yes, the latest jobs data may look disappointing, but leisure and transportation sectors give reason for cheer

16 days ago

New moon rocks are 1.97 billion years old

by Talia Ogliore-WUSTL, 16 days ago

The first rocks recovered from the moon in more than 40 years, and taken from some of its youngest volcanic surfaces, are close to 1.97 billion years old.

Politics influenced lifting of COVID-19 restrictions

by Kim Eckart-Washington, 16 days ago

The lifting of COVID-19 restrictions depended on politics as much, if not more, than death rates and case counts.

New leaders might want to let trust grow

by Sara Savat-WUSTL, 16 days ago

New research with military cadets indicates how leaders build trust: not all at once, but gradually over time.

'Truth and Healing Commission' could help Native American communities traumatized by government-run boarding schools that tried to destroy Indian culture

16 days ago

DOD Announces Plan to Tackle Climate Crisis > U.S. Department of Defense > Defense Department News

by Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Environment and Energy Resilience, 16 days ago

The Department of Defense Climate Adaptation Plan articulates a bold vision for climate adaptation and aligns adaptation and resilience efforts with the department's warfighting mission.​

Dangerous urban heat exposure has tripled since the 1980s, with the poor most at risk

16 days ago

Ancient groundwater: Why the water you're drinking may be thousands of years old

16 days ago

4 tips for choosing a good college – and getting accepted

16 days ago

Caring for the environment has a long Catholic lineage – hundreds of years before Pope Francis

16 days ago

None of the 2021 science Nobel laureates are women – here's why men still dominate STEM award winning

16 days ago

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