The most powerful space telescope ever built will look back in time to the Dark Ages of the universe

12 days ago

COVID vax might not fully protect cancer patients on chemo

by U. Arizona, 12 days ago

Researchers found less of an immune system response to the COVID-19 vaccines in patients with cancer who are on chemotherapy. A third shot helped, though.

Depression rates are even worse in 2021 than in 2020

by Jillian McKoy-Boston U., 12 days ago

Depression among US adults, which spiked early in the COVID-19 pandemic, is even worse now, most notably among the unmarried and people with low income.

Mushrooms may lower risk of depression

by Scott Gilbert-Penn State, 12 days ago

People who eat mushrooms have lower odds of having depression, according to a new study of 24,000 adults in the United States.

Airborne in Alaska > U.S. Department of Defense > Story

by Press Operations, 12 days ago

Soldiers jumped from CH-47 Chinook helicopters operated by the 1-52nd General Service Aviation Battalion during an airborne operation over Malemute drop zone at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska.

Type 2 diabetes drugs may lessen severe COVID-19 risks

by Barbara Schindo-Penn State, 12 days ago

Drugs some people with type 2 diabetes take called GLP-1R agonists may cut their risk of COVID-19 complications, including hospitalization and death.

Rural Alaska has a bridge problem as permafrost thaws and crossing river ice gets riskier with climate change

12 days ago

More people should check their blood pressure at home

by Kara Gavin-U. Michigan, 12 days ago

Although many people need to keep their blood pressure under control, a poll finds that relatively few check at home. Here's what might change that.

Bringing smiles and dental care to Djibouti

by Michael Laff, 12 days ago

U.S. army soldiers are teaching children in Djibouti about nutrition and dental health. Learn more about the difference they are making.

How some working, single moms manage to exercise

by Amy McCaig-Rice University, 12 days ago

New research on mindset and schedule indicates why some working, single mothers find time to exericse, while others don't.

4 reasons Americans are still seeing empty shelves and long waits – with Christmas just around the corner

12 days ago

Kids and their computers: Several hours a day of screen time is OK, study suggests

12 days ago

Medical errors keep killing patients – but there are laws, incentives and mindset changes that could reduce the death toll

12 days ago

Reporting all biosafety errors could improve labs worldwide – and increase public trust in biological research

12 days ago

How the climate crisis is transforming the meaning of ‘sustainability’ in business

12 days ago

Rural Alaska needs new bridges as permafrost thaws and crossing river ice gets riskier – the infrastructure bill is only a start

12 days ago

Sports Heroes Who Served: Harvard Athlete, Ardent Abolitionist Became a Civil War Hero > U.S. Department of Defense > Story

by David Vergun, 12 days ago

As an abolitionist, Norwood Penrose Hallowell was eager to join the Union Army. The former Harvard athlete would later become a Civil War hero.

What is a chamber of commerce?

by Lenore T. Adkins, 13 days ago

State and local chambers of commerce are famous for holding ribbon-cutting ceremonies but do so much more. Get a sense of those duties here.

Promoting human rights is essential to U.S. policy

by ShareAmerica, 13 days ago

Almost 80 years after President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's famous Four Freedoms speech, the United States continues to champion human rights abroad.

FBI arrests nuclear engineer and wife on charges of espionage

13 days ago

Computer Space launched the video game industry 50 years ago – here's the real reason you probably haven't heard of it

13 days ago

Traffic tickets can add up to killer debt

by Duke University, 13 days ago

Nationwide, millions of people, disproportionately poor and people of color, are saddled with unaffordable criminal legal debt. A new report offers fixes.

Most Americans resumed risky activities before COVID vaccines came out

by Texas A&M University, 13 days ago

Americans started getting back to regular activities like travel and eating indoors before COVID-19 vaccines became available, according to a new study.

Custom 3D-printed wearables never need to recharge

by Emily Dieckman-Arizona, 13 days ago

3D-printed "biosymbiotic" wearable devices that are custom fit to the user's body can collect data that wrist-mounted sensors can't, researchers say.

Indigenous Peoples Day: Why it's replacing Columbus Day in many places

13 days ago

COVID reinfection is likely for unvaccinated people

by Michael Greenwood-Yale, 13 days ago

New research into COVID reinfections in unvaccinated people shows "previous infection alone can offer very little long-term protection..."

Recreational ketamine use is up, but still rare in US

by Rachel Harrison-NYU, 13 days ago

Recreational use and availability of the drug ketamine has seen an increase in recent years, but less than 1% of people in the US use it, a new study shows.

Natural protein offers greener way to extract rare earth elements

by Gail McCormick-Penn State, 13 days ago

Researchers have come up with a more environmentally friendly way to extract rare earth elements, critical for tech like smartphones and car batteries.

Cómo la mayor organización islámica del mundo impulsa la reforma religiosa en Indonesia e intenta influir en el mundo musulmán

13 days ago

How Columbus Day contributes to the cultural erasure of Italian Americans

13 days ago

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