Once common weasels are doing a vanishing act

by Laura Oleniacz - NC State, 9 months ago

Three species of weasel, including one considered the world's smallest carnivore, are likely in decline, researchers say.

AFL-CIO President Trumka, Prominent US Labor Leader, Dies

9 months ago

President Joe Biden told reporters at the White House that Trumka was a close personal friend

Native Hawaiians 'Reclaim' Surfing With Moore's Olympic Gold

9 months ago

Methodical Moore found her rhythm with the ocean to deliver the kind of standout, power-surfing performance that has defined her career

Gene therapy could treat eye disease without surgery

by U. Oregon, 9 months ago

Currently the only treatment for Fuchs' endothelial corneal dystrophy, a genetic eye disease, is a cornea transplant. A new gene therapy could change that.

Rwanda Troops in Mozambique Claim Progress Against Jihadists

9 months ago

Rwanda's 1,000-strong force deployed on July 9, following an April visit to Kigali by Mozambican leader Filipe Nyusi

Air pollution linked to higher risk of dementia

by Jake Ellison-U. Washington, 9 months ago

A small increase in levels of fine particle pollution at specific addresses was linked with a greater dementia risk for people living there.

Cat genome's 'dark matter' may hold clues to our health

by Brian Consiglio-Missouri, 9 months ago

"Dark matter" in the cat genome may hold clues to improving both their health and ours.

Biden Gives Hong Kong Residents 'Safe Haven' in US

9 months ago

US president assails Beijing’s 14-month crackdown on democracy in Hong Kong and says it was in 'compelling' US foreign policy interests to allow Hong Kong residents to stay and work in America

US Unemployment Benefit Claims Edged Lower Last Week

9 months ago

The number of claims, a proxy for job layoffs, remains well above the pre-pandemic level

What is decentralized finance? An expert on bitcoins and blockchains explains the risks and rewards of DeFi

9 months ago

3 takeaways from Melinda French Gates and MacKenzie Scott teaming up to fund women's and girls' causes

9 months ago

Tracking anniversaries of Black deaths isn't memorializing victims – it's objectifying them

9 months ago

From CRISPR to glowing proteins to optogenetics – scientists' most powerful technologies have been borrowed from nature

9 months ago

COVID interventions work best when states work together

by Allison Hydzik-Pittsburgh, 9 months ago

Interventions like masks and gathering restrictions can effectively limit COVID-19's spread, but states need to work together when putting them in place.

What is a cult?

9 months ago

Change to college application represents a step forward in how colleges can better support trans students

9 months ago

234 scientists read 14,000+ research papers to write the upcoming IPCC climate report – here's what you need to know and why it's a big deal

9 months ago

Olympic athletes excel at their sports but are susceptible to unproven alternative therapies

9 months ago

Anxiety is a 'double-edged sword' for job seeking

by Andy Ober-U. Arizona, 9 months ago

Anxiety about job seeking during a pandemic is understandable. New research suggests it can help or hurt your efforts.

Biden Sets Goals for Boosting Electric Car Sales, Fuel Efficiency

9 months ago

US leader wants half of new cars sold to be electric by 2030

Expect an Above-Average Atlantic Hurricane Season, Says Forecaster

9 months ago

NOAA released an updated version of its 2021 hurricane season forecast

DaBaby Levitating remix losing US radio audiences after the rapper's comments on HIV/AIDS

9 months ago

Hawaii Fishermen Concerned Over Growing Chinese Presence

9 months ago

China aggressively expands fishing in the Pacific, alarming fisheries managers, environmentalists and other nations

U.S. and EU seek to protect future innovation

by Leigh Hartman, 9 months ago

The new U.S.-EU Trade and Technology Council will seek to ensure that emerging technologies benefit the world rather than enable repression.

Meet Olympic skateboarder Nyjah Huston [poster]

by Michael Laff, 9 months ago

Nyjah Huston, a three-time world champion skateboarder, is a member of the USA Skateboarding Team. Skateboarding is making its debut at the Tokyo Olympics.

98% of emperor penguin colonies could be extinct by 2100 as ice melts – can Endangered Species Act protection save them?

9 months ago

Mexico Sues US Gun Manufacturers Over Arms Trafficking Toll 

9 months ago

Mexico is arguing that companies know their practices contribute to trafficking of guns to Mexico and facilitate it

Al-Jazeera Still Locked Out After Raid on Tunis Office 

9 months ago

Raid on broadcaster is impacting Al-Jazeera’s ability to cover political turmoil in Tunisia, with journalists blocked from accessing studio equipment

Sturgis Bike Rally Revs Back Bigger, Despite Virus Variant

9 months ago

700,000 are people expected to show up in South Dakota's Black Hills for the event

Science 'lost in translation' in Africa

10 months ago

Science fiction written in African languages could inspire millions, and bridge the gap between art and science.

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