Another problem with daylight saving time: The time change raises your risk of hitting deer on the road

9 months ago

Wages up as Americans are encouraged back to work and into the office – 3 takeaways from the latest jobs report

9 months ago

Defense Logistics Agency Ships Vaccines for Children Overseas > U.S. Department of Defense > Defense Department News

by Beth Reece , Defense Logistics Agency, 9 months ago

The Defense Logistics Agency is receiving, packing and shipping pediatric doses of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine overseas for children, ages 5 to 11, of Defense Department personnel.

COVID-19 had a surprising effect on 2020 US election

by Karl Greenberg-NYU, 9 months ago

A new study of the US 2020 election shows that Donald Trump actually lost more ground to Joe Biden in counties that experienced fewer COVID-19 cases,

Lessons from the Virginia governor's race: Pay attention to voters' concerns instead of making it all about national politics

9 months ago

Comet's intense heat turned sand to glass 12,000 years ago

by Kevin Stacey-Brown, 9 months ago

Heat from a comet exploding just above the ground in what is now the Atacama Desert in Chile fused sandy soil into patches of glass around 12,000 yeas ago.

Young people get less sex ed now than 25 years ago

by Patti Verbanas-Rutgers, 9 months ago

A significant number of young people in the US receive no sex ed information about birth control and STI prevention before they have sexual intercourse.

COVID-19 had a surprising effect on US 2020 election

by Karl Greenberg-NYU, 9 months ago

A new study of the US 2020 election shows that Donald Trump actually lost more ground to Joe Biden in counties that experienced fewer COVID-19 cases,

Librarians provide tools to help students find better information – but schools are cutting their numbers

9 months ago

A new, lower threshold for lead poisoning in children means more kids will get tested – but the ultimate solution is eliminating lead sources

9 months ago

US Muslims gave more to charity than other Americans in 2020

9 months ago

Matching tweets to ZIP codes can spotlight hot spots of COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy

9 months ago

The US was not prepared for a pandemic – free market capitalism and government deregulation may be to blame

9 months ago

Is COVID-19 here to stay? A team of biologists explains what it means for a virus to become endemic

9 months ago

2 things cause weak quads after ACL surgery

by Laura Bailey-Michigan, 9 months ago

Weak quadriceps after ACL surgery isn't only the result of muscle atrophy. New research uncovers a second cause.

Atacama desert plants may hold clues to saving crops

by Rachel Harrison-NYU, 9 months ago

Plants that thrive in the harsh Atacama desert are a "genetic goldmine" for engineering crops for our dry future, say researchers.

Forests can't handle all the net-zero emissions plans – companies and countries expect nature to offset too much carbon

9 months ago

Australian Fair Work Commission rules that farm workers on piece rate entitled to minimum wage

9 months ago

Remnants of the Berlin Wall — where are they now?

by Lenore T. Adkins, 9 months ago

Learn how and why segments of the Berlin Wall, a symbol of totalitarianism and the Cold War, wound up all over the world.

Q&A: ‘I took my baby on field research trips’

by Fiona Broom, 9 months ago

We have very few women in lymphatic filariasis

Battling diseases of poverty

9 months ago

Elephantiasis is still a major health burden across Africa.

Big business, poverty, autocracy ‘hinder health policy’

by Sanjeet Bagcchi, 9 months ago

Poor, undemocratic nations are slow to instate policies on tobacco, alcohol, and unhealthy foods, say researchers.

Global South observers ‘blocked from COP26 negotiations’

by Fiona Broom, 9 months ago

Urgent action is needed to give those most vulnerable to climate change a voice at COP26, say advocates.

Do monogenetic volcanoes threaten the southwestern US?

by Charlotte Hsu-Buffalo, 9 months ago

Monogenetic volcanoes erupt just once, for a few days or for decades. New research examines their presence in the Southwestern US.

Supreme Court appears to suggest right to guns at home extends to carrying them in public too

9 months ago

Lessons from the Virginia governor's race: Make your best case

9 months ago

Lack of whale poop has major impact on ocean ecosystems

by Taylor Kubota-Stanford, 9 months ago

Fifty years later, scientists are still discovering the consequences of whale hunting. New findings reveal how the giants' absence affects the ecosystem.

Being nice to others makes them more likely to be nice to you

by U. Oregon, 9 months ago

New research finds that people tend to reciprocate each other's behavior. A person who acts friendly and sociable is more likely get the same in return.

Brain's immune system may not be to blame for FASD

by Kelsie Smith-Hayduk - U. Rochester, 9 months ago

The bain's immune system may not be at the root of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, which can cause children lifetime physical and cognitive impairments.

Marines Roll With the Thunder > U.S. Department of Defense > Story

by Press Operations, 9 months ago

Marines participate in Rolling Thunder, a Marines-led live-fire artillery exercise, designed to test Marines' abilities to operate in a simulated littoral environment.

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