SciDev.Net 20th Anniversary event

19 days ago

SciDev.Net marks its 20th anniversary with a special online event celebrating science journalism on 21st October, 2021.

The Pandora Papers: why does South Dakota feature so heavily?

19 days ago

Street-level maps to help plan for floods, disasters

by Melanie Sison, 19 days ago

UN University develops tool that generates street-level maps to help on disaster planning.

Debate: What developing countries need from COP26

19 days ago

Join us as we discuss how climate change is affecting everything from agriculture, to public health and fragile peace agreements.

DOD Finds Top-Notch, Reliable Defense Partner, Supplier in Italy > U.S. Department of Defense > Defense Department News

by C. Todd Lopez, 19 days ago

Italy has been one of the nations the U.S. military depends on for both defense relations and military supplies and equipment like weapon systems, small arms, chemicals and aircraft components.

DOD Official Discusses Cybersecurity Priorities at Billington Summit > U.S. Department of Defense > Defense Department News

by Terri Moon Cronk, 19 days ago

The Defense Department is becoming smarter about cybersecurity and is at an inflection point, Kelly Fletcher, performing the duties of the chief information officer, said.

The Plight of The Palestinian Refugee With Dr. Ramzy Baroud

by CT Staff, 19 days ago

This post is originally published on Citizen Truth by CT Staff Ramzy Baroud is a US-Palestinian journalist, media consultant, an author, internationally-syndicated columnist, Editor of Palestine Chronicle (1999-present), former Managing Editor of London-based Middle East Eye, former Editor-in-Chief of The Brunei Times, former Deputy Managing Editor of Al Jazeera online. Baroud taught mass communication at Australia’s Curtin University of Technology, Malaysia Campus. Baroud also served as […] Read more at The Plight of The Palestinian Refugee With Dr. Ramzy Baroud

U.S. and Haiti work to address migration challenges

by ShareAmerica, 19 days ago

U.S. State Department officials met with Haitian leaders to discuss ways to address the root causes of their migration crisis.

Adults who stutter don't do it if they think no one's listening

by James Devitt-NYU, 19 days ago

A new study finds evidence for the "talk-alone-effect" in adults who stutter. When they're alone and think no one's listening, they don't stutter at all.

Perseverance’s first major successes on Mars – an update from mission scientists

19 days ago

Severe 2011 drought in Texas was much worse than thought

by Anton Caputo-UT Austin, 19 days ago

The 2011 drought in Texas, considered one of the worst ever, was even more widespread and longer lasting than previously thought.

People prefer meal kits with all-recyclable packaging

by Brad Buck-Florida, 19 days ago

People feel less bad about all the packaging in meal kits when they can recycle the waste, research finds.

Racist housing policy from 80 years ago still affects maternal health

by Mark Michaud-Rochester, 19 days ago

"This is further evidence of the influence of a legacy of structural racism on the disproportional burden of adverse pregnancy outcomes for Black women..."

Stories can shape moral values in kids

by Bert Gambini-Buffalo, 19 days ago

Exposure to stories that feature specific moral values, such as care, fairness, loyalty, and authority can influence the weight kids place on those values.

DOD Announces Strategy to Tackle Climate Crisis > U.S. Department of Defense > Defense Department News

by Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Environment and Energy Resilience, 19 days ago

The Department of Defense Climate Adaptation Plan articulates a bold vision for climate adaptation and aligns adaptation and resilience efforts with the department's warfighting mission.​

How families are spending the expanded child tax credit

by Neil Schoenherr-WUSTL, 19 days ago

Results from a recent survey show how American families are using their expanded child tax credits: emergency savings, paying bills, and investing in their kids.

Hydrogel tablet makes contaminated river water drinkable in 1 hour

by Nat Levy-UT Austin, 19 days ago

A new hydrogel tablet can disinfect a liter of river water and make it suitable for drinking in an hour or less.

Indigenous Peoples' Day: why it's replacing Columbus Day in many places

19 days ago

Land acknowledgments meant to honor Indigenous people too often do the opposite – erasing American Indians and sanitizing history instead

19 days ago

Elite athletes in U.S. help break stigma of mental illness

by ShareAmerica, 19 days ago

By acknowledging their own mental health battles, athletes are raising awareness of conditions that affect millions worldwide.

What's on the menu matters in health care for diverse patients

19 days ago

The water you're drinking may be thousands of years old – growing demand for deeper wells is tapping ancient reserves

19 days ago

Teachers say working with students kept them motivated at the start of the pandemic

19 days ago

Indigenous Peoples Day rooted in controversy

19 days ago

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen testified that the company's algorithms are dangerous – here's how they can manipulate you

19 days ago

Facebook's own internal documents offer a blueprint for making social media safer for teens

19 days ago

The Catholic Church sex abuse crisis: 4 essential reads

19 days ago

The American people are helping Cubans in crisis

by ShareAmerica, 20 days ago

The U.S. embargo against Cuba still allows nongovernmental organizations, private citizens and religious groups to send aid to Cuba.

What is chaos? A complex systems scientist explains

20 days ago

Engineering Africa’s banana future

20 days ago

Africa’s native bananas are under threat. Can biotechnology save the much-loved matoke?

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