U.S. and Haiti work to address migration challenges

Schoolchildren in Port-au-Prince, Haiti (Kendra Helmer/USAID)

The United States is working with Haitian leaders to address the root causes of the Haitian migration crisis.

Brian A. Nichols, U.S. assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs, traveled to Haiti September 30 to October 1. He met with political and civil society leaders to discuss solutions to benefit all Haitians.

I met with PM @DrArielHenry & @claudejoseph03 to reiterate our commitment to humane repatriation of migrants, support for inclusive discussions with civil society and political actors leading to Haitian-led solutions, & desire for justice in President Moise’s assassination.-BAN pic.twitter.com/J5hVZAMZRZ

β€” Brian A. Nichols (@WHAAsstSecty) October 1, 2021

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These included efforts to make Haiti safer and more prosperous for its citizens and support for Haitian migrants returning to the island. The U.S. Agency for International Development has pledged $5.5 million in assistance to support the reception and reintegration of Haitians returning to Haiti. Nichols and the Haitian leaders also discussed how to address crime and strengthen Haitian institutions β€” governmental, societal and economic.

β€œWe support inclusive Haitian-led solutions to Haitian challenges,” Nichols said on September 30 after meeting with civil society leaders.

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Published on 2021-10-07

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