Engineering Africa’s banana future

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Season 2, Episode 6

Uganda is among the top banana-producing countries in the world, and is home to the much-loved matoke banana — also known as the East African highland banana. But the matoke, along with many of the other banana varieties that are native to Sub-Saharan Africa, is under threat from diseases and pests.

This is where Priver Namanya Bwesigye comes in. This week on Africa Science Focus, reporter Halima Athumani finds out how Namanya and her banana research team at the National Agricultural Research Organisation are working to protect Uganda’s bananas, and the vital nutrition that they provide.


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Africa Science Focus, with Michael Kaloki.

Learn more about Priver Namanya Bwesigye’s career

This programme was funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York.



Published on 2021-10-06

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