SciDev.Net 20th Anniversary event

SciDev.Net marks its 20th anniversary with a special online event celebrating science journalism on 21st October, 2021. The event will include a session to discuss SciDev.Netโ€™s new *Global Science Journalism Report, and followed by a virtual networking reception.

If you would like to attend, please go HERE, fill out the form to RSVP.

Programme for the day

12:00 BST 5 mins (Zoom) Start with short intro on SciDev.Net (Ben Deighton)

12:05 BST 1 hr โ€“ (Zoom) Then report debate โ€“ Debate on state of science journalism including world federation, including report authors and other specialists.



Marta Entradas


The wider context โ€“ Tim Lougheed (5 minutes)

The data โ€“ Luisa Massarani (10 minutes)

The data โ€“ Martin Bauer (10 minutes)


Ochiengโ€™ Ogodo

Bothina Osama

Joel Adriano

Julien Chongwang


Published on 2021-10-06

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